• Angie Wise

Knit + natter

Lockdown has brought out the crafty in many of us.

I've been talking with some girl friends and admiring some pretty damn fine handiwork. Mostly from people, who like me, do not usually have or can find the time to devote to crafts.

Lockdown has conjured up a homely vibe in some, a yearning to get back to simple pleasures, put down devices and be constructive, in a very practical, hands on way. Weather that be planting a vegetables garden, making pickles, kneading bread or knitting. With homeschooling, working from home, cooking 3 meals a day, 7 days a week – time for ourselves is not in abundance, but the need for a wholesome, meaningful existence is ever growing.

I only every knew how to knit the very basic plain stitch, but after a quick late night tutorial on YouTube, I fluked the knit-one-pearl-one magic and was super chuffed with what was flying out the end of my needles. It seemed too good to be true. So simple, but oh so satisfying.

A friend has just finished the most magnificent red jumper, her first ever jumper and it's a real triumph. She has certainly inspired me to leap beyond my comfort zone and stretch beyond a scarf.

We've been talking about organising a knit and natter session (as soon as we can), with wine of course. Good company, a glass in hand and the rhythmic clink and clatter of knitting needles sounds like a good way to while away a few hours on a cold and dreary afternoon.

I hope you're all well and finding ways to make life sparkle.

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